Dewalt DC608K Cordless Brad Nailer Review

Dewalt DC608K cordless brad nailer review introduction. The all new Dewalt DC608K cordless brad nailer is completely cord free, and runs on battery power alone. Battery power means you can operate this tool anywhere with out being tied to an outland or compressor. The 18v NiCAD rechargeable battery is powerful enough to sink nails into any type of wood.


Dewalt DC608K 150x150 Dewalt DC608K Cordless Brad Nailer Review






Dewalt DC608k Cordless Brad Nailer Specifications

  • Nail gun application: Finishing
  • Power source: NiCAD 18v Battery powered
  • Weight: 7.4 pounds
  • Unit height: 11 inches
  • Unit Length: 12-1/2 inches
  • Unit Width: 3-1/2 inches
  • Color: Yellow, Black, and Silver
  • Loading type: strip
  • Fastener collation: Glue
  • Fastener Depth Control: Tool free knob adjustment
  • Maximum fastener size: 2 inches
  • Minimum fastener size: 5/8 inches
  • Nail Diameter: 18 gauge brad nails
  • Magazine size: 110 brad nails
  • Unique features: Battery
  • Warranty- Three year limited warranty against defects


Dewalt DC608K Review

The Dewalt brad nailer is perfect for putting on the finishing touches to any carpentry project. Dewalts high-tech battery powered nailer liberates you from heavy air compressors and a power source. The lack of an air fitting and hose means you can squeeze into even tighter spots.

Lots of features on the Dewalt DC608K cordless brad nailer facilitate quick and easy repairs as well as new construction jobs. A knob easily located on the frame of the nail gun allows the user to rapidly fine-tune brad depth when using different strength and thicknesses of woods. The sequential mode allows bump firing to quickly lay down nails, while a flip of a switch offers a single shot mode for precision nailing. The DC608k effortlessly fastens all sort of decorative work and molding.

A well designed nosepiece makes clearing jammed brad nails an effortless task with out any tools required. The tapered nose aids in precision placement, while a sealed magazine keeps dirt and dust out of the nailgun. The 18V battery is interchangeable between other Dewalt products, making this a nice addition to your existing Dewalt product line.

The lack of required fuel cells keep expenses to a minimum during use. This kit comes with the DC608k nailer, manual, Charger, battery, and safety goggles.

We’ve compared the DC608K with other brad nailers. To see how it compares, check out best brad nailer.

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Customer Feedback


“If you do a lot of wood trim and cabinetry work this tool is awesome! The battery powered nailer requires no setup and saves time and money. While this might be more expensive than some of its competitors, the old saying you get what you pay for holds true here. I’ve had no problems with my DC608k except for 4 jams which where easily cleared. The nail gun is actually quite fun to use, and the safety features do a good job of preventing an accidental fire. I’m really impressed by this nailer, it leaves me with a smile every time I use it.”

MH from Atlantc City, New Jersey


“I’m a finish carpenter of 20 years now. I purchased the Dewalt cordless 16 gauge nailer a couple years ago, and loved the nailer. I purchased the dewalt 18 gauge brad nailer to further my collection of tools. I’m very happy with my purchase, one battery charge lasted me about 1000 nails. The battery power tools are great, as I often don’t have power on the job sites. It saves me the cost and trouble of running a generator and compressor all day. Dewalt continues to deliver with quality products.”

DF from Free Town, MA


“After being very disappointed with a cheaper but similar Black and Decker unit, I returned it and bought the Dewalt DC608K. Right away I could tell there was a difference in quality. I really like the adjustable nail depth feature. The integrated flash light helps with placement in dark cabinet settings. The 18 gauge nail offers plenty of holding power for heavy moldings. I would definitely recommend this nailer to anyone.”

LR from Buffalo, New York


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There is another Dewalt nailer of similar specification and part number.  Don’t get confuse the two. That one is the Dewalt DC608B and this is the Dewalt DC608K.


Final comments about the Dewalt DC608k cordless brad nailer

As you will have gather from our dc608k dewalt review, this is another fine product offering from Dewalt. The battery powered design is perfect for construction sites or just about anywhere. And the Dewalt DC608K price is very acceptable.

It is an impressive tool, and the battery offers a surprisingly long life of use. Cordless tools are slowly starting to take over the jobsite, and this nailgun is no exception. We couldn’t really find much to complain about except for the fairly large nose. However, this hasn’t caused us any problems yet.

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