About Us

Thanks for visiting TopNailerReviews.com. My  name is Nigel Marshall and I am the Editor In Chief of this new nail gun review website.

Our aim is to provide you with balanced, easy to understand and useful information about the various nailers out there on the market. We hope that there is enough data – but not too much that it overloads you – so that you can make an informed buying decision, depending upon your needs.

That said, we screen beforehand. We’ll not be presenting every single nail gun product out there – there is simply no point! If you want a product reviewed and it’s not already covered, then drop us an email (use contact page) and we’ll do our best to oblige.

Also, additionally over time, we’ll be beefing up this site in a few different areas:

  • Firstly we are considering branching out to nailer related items such as compressors. And quite possibly the nails and pins themselves.
  • Secondly, we’re looking to include a ‘how-to’ section. This is a bit tricky – a lot of our readers are pro / semi-pro so the need may not be there. We’re just to look and see what suggestions and feedback we get.
  • And finally, a Forum section (free membership area). We notice that there are a fair amount of General Tool Forums on the web, but not so much that is specific to Nailers.

And of course if you have any comments or feedback then we would love to hear from you.

Have a great day!