Best Cordless Roofing Nailer – Paslode CR175C

When you need to fire plenty of nails in a short period of time, nothing beats a nail gun. It can sink hundreds of nails in an hour accurately with minimum supervision. Just set your desired settings, and you’re good to go! Now, if you are working on high nail volume applications on roof shingles, you will need a roofing nailer.

Say for example you want to install a new roof and would like to know what best gun to use in installing asphalt or fiberglass shingles. You want to save money, yes. You also want to save time.

Hand nailing shingles is nowhere near your best options as it will take a lot of time in precisely hammering the nail with applying virtually the same degree of force to sink the nail right through onsite. Good lord. If you will be hammering hundreds of nails, it will take you more than a week to finish the job with matching patch treatments for muscle strain.

As one saying goes, “equipment never tires, but the worker behind the equipment does.” What if the worker does not have equipment at all and it’s 100 degrees outside? Unless you want nails lined like zipper sections on your roof, better get the Paslode gun.

Unfortunately, you cannot use your framing nailers because those guns are made with straight magazines. Therefore, you will need a roofing nailer. The design of roofing nailers are made such that the round magazines can easily drive the nails at the set depth accordingly.

Your Next Question Will Be: What is the Best Roofing Nailer?

There are a few roofing nailers available if you try to window shop on your neighborhood tools & hardware stores. If you go to your nearest Home Depot or Lowes, you will see different coil roofing nailers from Porter Cable, Bostitch, Paslode, Hitachi, and Senco among others.

But wait? What are coil roofing nailers? Basically those coil-style guns use long strings of nails stored in a round magazine inside the gun. Since the wire-joined nails can be rolled inside the magazine, the gun can allow as many as several hundreds of nails to be loaded. Pretty cool? Yes. But what’s cooler is that Paslode has the same tool, but cordless! Beats all of those gas roofing nailers that require dragging air hose and compressor while doing catwalks on the job.

Paslode CR175C Cordless Roofing Nailer Review

Now that you decided you do not want to trip off the roof with those cord guns, let us see what this Paslode CR175C cordless gas roofing nailer does.

Mobility = Increased Productivity!

Basically Paslode CR175C operates similarly like the other corded gas roofing nailers. The main advantage of this gun is that it increases your mobility and production time tenfold especially if you spend most of your time repairing roof sheds, installing skylight, or repairing shingles on steep sloped roofs under the scorching 80 to 100 degree temperature – very handy for small and big projects! It’s pretty large and relatively heavy (weighing 7.5 lbs), but compared to the hassle of dragging hoses at a height? Nah, I’d choose the extra weight any time of the day.

Consistent Paslode Power and Performance

Paslode Cordless Roofing NailerYou can use the gun all day without recharging as the battery life calls about 2,200 fires. However, don’t expect firing 5 nails per second like few other nail guns do. Forget it.It is not a production tool and only drives 2 nails per second.

It doesn’t have a bump fire operating mode like probably your old pneumatic roof gun do.

Nevertheless, it is a solid gas roofing gun. On a good day, you can still cover 200 square feet of shingles plus an early day off for you or your roofer guys. Furthermore, on a practical standpoint, the bump fire method produces unattractive result of nail placement, restricting you into positioning the nosepiece onto the exact position the nail is supposed to sink.

The gun comes with an adjustable depth feature which allows you to control the drive of the fastener into the working surface. Unlike the usual fluctuations you get with the regular air nail guns, Paslode drives nails consistently once you configure the setting for the shingles and roof underlayment.

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I have gone over most reviews of this paslode roofing nail gun and it seemed to get a high satisfaction rate from the users both from professionals and DIY’ers. Loading up the gas cartridge, battery, and nails can be done in just under 30 seconds. From the beginning of prepping up the gun, right down to wrapping up the work, all good.

Nails and other accessories

Paslode sells Roofer’s Choice Fuel and 1 ¼” Nail Combo Pack. Don’t worry on getting stuck to forever buying Paslode roofing nails. You can use other galvanized or electro-galvanized nails(or even stainless steel roofing nails) and the gun will still operate perfectly. If the gun doesn’t work, try to see if the coils are not wounded too tight. You may then loosen the coil so the nails go straight to the gun.

The gas roofing nailer also comes with safety glasses and a backpack to reduce work site clutter. It can fit everything inside including the fuel and nails so it is easy to wrap things up after the job. Furthermore, it is useful when climbing up the ladder to work on the job site as both of your hands will be free.

What powers the paslode coil roofing nailer?

The unique feature of the cordless roofing nailer is it operates on batteries and Quicklode fuel cartridge. This is probably the reason why only Paslode satisfies the demand for cordless gas roofing nail guns… at least at the moment. Paslode’s other range of nail guns (pinners, finishers, framers, etc.) are gas powered and operates likewise on fuel cells. As such, you will find it practical to get their paslode coil roofing nailer if you already have their framing or finish nailer. Take note that you may share the same battery with their other tools but some of their nailers require fuel cell different from the gas roofing nailer.

There is a concern of overheating from few users when using this tool; and this is usually pointed at the gun’s fuel canisters. The thing is, there is a specific fuel canister for this gas roofing gun to get the correct combustion through a wide range of temperatures. In a nutshell, each tool has its own unique combustion to achieve the best performance and optimize capacity. On the other hand, when the weather is freezing, it is recommended to keep your canisters warm by storing it in a stable temperature. Otherwise, if you juggle it in a warm storage then swing it into cool chamber, high chance you will get misfires.

My only concern is that I just hope many stores will carry replacement CO2 (fuel canisters) so it will be easier to reload. Just a tip,compared also to other nail guns, the dfcr175c uses a smaller gas cartridge so be sure to get the correct one.

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Let’s talk about convenience.

We mentioned earlier that the Paslode gas roofing nailer is quite a heavy guy. So I am not particularly sure if I would recommend using the extra carabiner and cord-lanyard that come with the nailer kit. Anyway, it is still useful on keeping the gun from sliding off the roof as the carabiner and lanyard is tethered to your work belt. The design of the gun also reduces the possibility of sliding –it has rubber grips on the side so it sticks pretty well on the shingles.

According to Paslode, the gun requires cleaning after 50,000 shots, which is not a major issue since that technically means after doing about 100 squares of roofing! If you’re not into professional roofing business, it shouldn’t be the least of your problems. No need to go to YouTube on how to clean the gun, as Paslode included a picture tutorial on how to clean the roofing nail gun.

Paslode CR175 comes with a 1-year full and 5-year limited warranty and customer service via its support hotline.

Paslode CR175: The Game-Changer!

The Paslode Cr175 is the future of gas roofing nailers –very ingenious and practical. Whether you are a do-it-yourself kind of guy or a professional, this gun is recommended for small or large service jobs, repair, or installation. It is also very handy for quick repairs as you no longer need to prep up your compressors to get the job done. It is the perfect tool for wrapping up full service jobs like shingling valleys or tacking down roof underlayment, as well as pick-up work jobs such as garage roof repair or roofing a dormer.

Kudos for Paslode now taking the market and changing the game.If you want the convenience that comes along with getting the job flawlessly done (without the need for tangling cords), the price of $300 is already a steal. Save time, save grunts, and save money!

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