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A 23-gauge pin nailer is an extremely useful power tool. When to use a pin nailer? You’ll use it to drive home dead-thin headless or even slight-head brads into very precise work.

Practically most of the pin nailers available, but not all, are pneumatic (compressed ‘air’ powered). Pneumatic nailers are generally the most powerful on the market. Indeed all of the best pin nailers that made it to our top selection are all pneumatic. The seven pin nail guns that that we believe to worth considering are summarized below, all carry a respectably high payload (nails) of 100 – 200 at a go.

The approach that we’ve taken to establish the best pin nailer is to summarize the key features for each of them. Then to compare and contrast between the different products – that limits the amount to focus on. Then we delve a bit deeper at a  product level to determine the ideal one for the job in hand.

Pin Nailers Reviewed and Compared

And it’s nice to see that we’ve got a nice spread of pin nailer tools under consideration – Bostitch, Fasco, Grex, Porter Cable and Senco reviews. And don’t forget that all these 23ga pin nailers are top rated – all four or five star!

If the summaries below are not enough then you should refer to the actual pin nailer review – it’ll be indicated.

 Table 1 – Best Pin Nailers Essential Facts

Nailer ModelTypeOperating PressureNail SizeMagazine CapacityDimentions (inches)WeightWarrantyRating
Bostitch HP118KPneumatic70 ? 120 psi1" - 2.5"2003" x 11" x 12"4.2 lbs7 years8/10
Fasco F23CPneumatic60 - 100 psi0.5"to 2"1208.86" x 2.44" x 8.66"2.68 lbs1 year7.5/10
Grex P650LPneumatic60 to 110 psi0.5"to 2"1001.8" x 7.8" x 8.8"2.7 lbs7 years8.5/10
Grex P635Pneumatic70 ? 120 psi3/8" - 1-3/8"1003" x 11.5" x 13"2.21 lbs7 years9/10
Porter Cable PIN100Pneumatic....0.5" - 1"1703.25" x 10.5" x 14"2.00 lbs....8/10
Porter Cable PIN138Pneumatic....5/8" - 1-3/8"1307.5" X 9.5"2.2 lbs....8/10
Senco FinishPro 11Pneumatic70 to 90 psi1" - 2"....9" x 9.6"2.9 lbs1 year6/10

All things considered, our two favorites are both from the Grex stable – the Grex 635 and the Grex P650L. Both excellent! To help make your decision easier, here is a product summary of each.

Table 2 – Summary Features of the Best Pin Nailers


Nailer ModelNailer Product Summary
Bostitch HP118K Nailer ReviewBostitch HP118K

The Bostitch HP118K Pin Nailer fires ultra tiny 23 gauge headless pin nails with superior accuracy. This nail gun will fly through any trim, detailed finish, or fine cabinetry work with out any issues. The pneumatic driver offers plenty of power, and the lightweight design is easy on your arms.

This is a great pin nailer if you are on a budget, the 23 gauge pin nails offer a virtually invisible bond. We did find the lack of adjustable depth control a big negative. The high and low power switch left a lot to be desired for. However, the nailer functioned great in all our tests. We did run into some problems on the low setting at pressures of 70 PSI with nails jamming, this is most likely a user error, and more Pressure was required. Furthermore, for the price it?s definitely an option to consider.

Bostitch HP118K

Fasco F23C ReviewFasco F23C

The Fasco F23C A64-50PB 23-Gauge Headless Pinner, is the ideal choice for working on delicate projects such as picture framing, crown molding, decorative trim and craft work. The light weight pneumatic pinner has all the power to drive 2 inch pins into both hard wood and soft wood quickly and easily, and with a 120 fastener magazine, downtime is kept to a minimum. And with 60 to 100 psi it has the punch to make light work of the toughest tasks.

A highly versatile pinner/bradder and is perfect for working on delicate items and in tight or difficult areas, it?s robust yet light weight construction allows for use in the professional arena, as well as being an ideal choice for the crafter or DIY?er.

Fasco F23C

Grex P650L ReviewGrex P650L

The Grex P650L 23-Gauge 2-Inch Headless Pinner with Lock-Out is the ideal tool for powering through some of the some intricate finishing and trimming work.

It is very light weight and has been designed to get into the smallest of spaces and thanks to its added punch from the compressed air is able to take on the hardest of woods, yet is nimble enough for working on picture framing, craft work and lightweight paneling. The design and ergonomic styling allows working for longer periods without muscle fatigue. It is the ideal choice for delicate work or working in a confined space.

Grex P650L

Grex P635 ReviewGrex P635

The Grex P635 Pin Nailer is the industry standard when it comes to pneumatic powered pin nail guns. In fact Popular woodworking awarded this nailer ?Best New Tool? in their December 2005 issues. Since then, this nailer has continued to be the industry standard in terms of fine finish work.

We have no complaints about the Grex P635 Pin Nailer. It sets the bar as far as other pin nailers are concerned. Even though the Grex only weighs 2.21 pounds, it?s sturdy enough to be abused at any construction site. Fine craftsmanship and quality are exemplified with this nailer, this is the clear choice for any one in the market for a new pin nail gun. It?s probably safe to say that Grex p635 is the best price pin nailer available.

Grex P635

Porter Cable Pin100 ReviewPorter Cable PIN100

Porter Cable PIN100 nailer review introduction. The Porter Cable PIN100 nailer is one of the most affordable pin nailers on the market. At just under one hundred dollars, the PIN100 is perfect for the hobbyist or do it your self home enthusiast. The small and agile PIN100 nailgun can complete light carpentry jobs with out breaking a sweat, or your wallet.

This is essentially a bare bones pin nailer. The super small 23 gauge pin nails are virtually invisible on your finished projects. The incredibly affordable price makes this perfect for casual use. The high quality built nailer will also serve professional builders, as well as the average hobbyist.

Porter Cable PIN100

porter cable pin138 reviewPorter Cable PIN138

The Porter Cable PIN138 nailer is perfect for any carpentry work. The pneumatic powered nailer is ideal for fine detailing work such as crown molding. The high capacity magazine ensures you will spend more time working, and less time fiddling with your tools.

The Porter Cable PIN138 is perfect for decorative molding, light fastening, clamping, bead molding, and any other small detail work. The affordable price and maintenance free design are perfect for the DIY or professional contractor. A wide selection of pin lengths adds great versatility to this lightweight nailgun. The high capacity magazine and rubber grip ensure you will make quick work of any job you take on.

Porter Cable PIN138

Senco FinishPro 11 Pin Nailer ReviewSenco FinishPro 11

The Senco FinishPro 11 23-Gauge Micro Pinner is the ideal choice for delicate work. The FinishPro 11 has the power to deliver 1 to 2 inch 23 gauge headless pins into the hardest of woods, but it is also able to cope with the most delicate of operations with the ability to drive a pin into a toothpick without damage.

Senco has over 50 years? experience in the manufacture and design of nails guns, fasteners etc., their experience and expertise is renowned throughout the industry and the Senco FinishPro 11 23-Gauge Micro Pinner is no exception, designed to cope with whatever the worksite can throw at it, this pinner offers excellent value for money at a very reasonable price.

Senco FinishPro 11


A Note About Pricing vs Product Quality

And just to put price and quality in perspective, all of the nailers that have made it to Top Nailer Reviews are 4 or 5 star products – they are all good! And price-wise are usually in the $100 – $350(ish) range. At much less than $100 it’s unlikely that you’ll get a quality nail gun that’ll run the course. And for a quality lasting product the price range under consideration is not unreasonable.


Pin Nailers Reviews

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