Bostitch MIIIFS Review

Bostitch MIIIFS flooring stapler review introduction. The Bostitch MIIIFS Flooring Stapler has been designed to make floor laying quick and easy. Whether you’re laying finished or unfinished hardwood flooring the high speed pneumatic power of the Bostitch MIIIFS has all the power required to create a professional finish. Ideal for both the professional or DIY’er this nailer has been designed to make light work of the largest project.

Bostitch MIIIFS Review







The floor stapler has been designed to take the hard work out of laying wooden flooring and the interchangeable base plates and choice of staple size make it extremely versatile able to cope with different wood flooring. Ergonomically designed and supplied with a light weight yet durable mallet working with the Bostitch MIIIFS takes the strain out of even the largest of projects and with a 92 staple magazine, downtime is reduced.


Features of the Bostitch MIIIFS Pneumatic Floor Stapler

  • Nailer Type: Pneumatic
  • Takes 1 ½ inch to 2 inch bostitch taples
  • Aluminum body
  • Rubber tipped mallet
  • Foot kit
  • Mallet-actuated operation
  • 420 in/lbs. of impact
  • 70-120 PSI
  • 92-staple magazine
  • Lightweight FloorGuard graphite mallet
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Interchangeable base plates
  • Pre-finished-flooring adapter foot
  • 7 year limited warranty
  • Size 3.13 x 14.8 x 17.25 inches
  • Weight 11.2 lbs. (approx.)

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Bostitch MIIIFS Review

The Bostitch MIIIFS Pneumatic Flooring Stapler makes light work of fitting hardwood or laminate flooring. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum the floor stapler has been constructed to be lightweight yet built robust and durable enough to stand the day to day life of the professional contractor. Ergonomically designed the floor stapler’s elongated handle ensures the perfect working stance, allowing the user to work in a natural and comfortable position, which can reduce the risk of back problems and fatigue.

Thanks to the extra wide interchangeable base plates (½ inch and ¾ inch) which are designed to sit flush with the flooring boards for extra stability, allowing the staples to be driven home at the correct depth and in the correct position, the a pre-finished floorboard adapter foot won’t scuff or scratch floors during installation, which allows for a clean nd damage free finish to the project.

The FloorGuard graphite mallet has been designed to be lightweight yet effective; a manual strike with the mallet will activate the firing action and with a 92 staple magazine which reduces downtime, getting the job done is quick and easy, with the minimum of muscle fatigue.

The Bostitch MIIIFS hardwood flooring stapler packs a punch 420lbs. per square inch with the help of 70 -120 PSI, making light work on the toughest jobs. The pneumatic floor stapler is easy to use simply place the nose of the stapler squarely against the work and the direction and angle of the staple is automatically aligned, it couldn’t be easier. Thanks to the power generated by the compressed air working with the MIIIFS Pneumatic Floor Stapler doesn’t require huge muscles.

The Bostitch MIIIFS is ideal for both the professional and the home improver its ease of use makes it a good choice for the novice and its reliability makes it an affordable must have for a professional finish. It can be used with hard woods such as, bamboo, walnut, oak and maple flooring to name just a few, hard woods can be very difficult to install without the right equipment with the power to pack a punch and produce an excellent finish every time.

As with all tools it is vital to follow all the safety advice and with a floor stapler it is important to wear the correct foot wear- steel toe boots or shoes- safety glasses and suitable gloves. Keep children and pets clear of the work area and never leave any equipment unattended.

A final note for your interest. Bostitch make another similar pneumatic flooring stapler, the extremely popular though slightly more expensive Bostitch MIIIFN flooring nailer.

We’ve compared the MIIIFS wtih other flooring nailers. To see how it compares check out best flooring nailers.

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Final Thoughts About The Bostitch MIIIFS Flooring Stapler

The two testimonial s above say it all really, there is little more that this Bostitch MIIIFS review can add. This is without doubt a great power tool that’s going to last you a lifetime!

And of course, buying the Bostitch MIIIFS 1 ½ inch to 2 inch Pneumatic Floor Stapler is by far the most economical option as opposed to renting, particularly if you have a large area to cover. Renting equipment or more than a day or two can soon prove to be very expensive. Bostitch are so confident their MIIIFS Pneumatic Floor Stapler is up to the job they offer a 7 year limited warranty.

Alternative Product Names for The Bostitch MIIIFS

The Bostitch MIIIFS is also referred to as the Bostitch M111FS, small difference, but it can cause confusion. They are the same product.

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