Bostitch N62FNK-2 Finish Nailer Review

Bostitch N62FNK-2 finish nailer review introduction. The Bostitch N62FNK-2 finish nailer is perfect for adding the finishing touches on any of your carpentry projects. The versatile 15 gauge nailgun is perfect for wide variety of jobs such as trim and molding work. The extremely light and nimble N62FNK-2 will easily squeeze into tricky places with ease.

Bostitch N62FNK-2 Review

Bostitch N62FNK-2 Finish Nailer Specifications

  • Nail gun application: Finishing
  • Nail gun type: Pneumatic
  • Power source: Compressed air
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Unit height: 4.25 inches
  • Unit Length: 14.63 inches
  • Unit Width: 16.5 inches
  • Color: Yellow/Black
  • Loading type: strip
  • Fastener collation: Glue
  • Fastener Depth Control: Yes
  • Maximum fastener size: 2-1/2 inches
  • Minimum fastener size: 1 inch
  • Nail Diameter: 15 gauge finish nails
  • Magazine size: 100 staples
  • Unique features: Oil free design
  • Warranty- seven-year manufacturers limited warranty

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Bostitch N62FNK-2 Review

Whether you are an avid wood working hobbyist or a homeowner looking to enhance your investment, the Bostitch N62FNK-2 finish nailer is an easy to use nailgun that will take on almost any job. The 15 gauge pneumatic air powered finish nailed holds 130 fasteners ranging in 1 inch to 2-1/2 inches long. The tool free designed magazine allows quick access to clear jams, reload, and clean.

The Bostich N62FNK-2 easy attaches the finishing touches to your home. The small lightweight design, only 3.8 pounds, powerfully attaches window trim, door time, crown molding, or any other detail work. Included are four uniquely angled tips, ensuring a perfect mating surface on any project.

The oil free design means little to no maintenance, and guarantees and oil free finished product. The adjustability of this nailer means it will be compliant for whatever wood project you tackle. A convenient nail depth adjustment knob allows quick and easy refinement.

The Bostitch N62FNK-2 finish nailer can be operated between 70 and 120 PSI, to give just the right power to suit the wood type. A driving power of 400 inches per pounds allows any 15 gauge finish nail to fully sink into the toughest of woods.

The magnesium construction and lightweight design wont tire your arms while working overhead, attaching crown molding for instance. It measures in at just about 3 inches wide, close to 11.5 inches tall, and close to 15 inches long. Included in the box is the Bostitch N62FNK-2 finishing nailer, 1,000 two inches nails, four profiler tips, and a carry case.

We have compared the Bostitch N62FNK-2 with other 15 gauge finish nailers. To see how it compares check out best 15 gauge finish nailers.

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Final Comments on the Bostitch N62FNK-2 Finish Nailer

The Lightweight Bostitch N62FNK-2 15 gauge nailer is impressive at first sight. The Bostitch name is known for quality with a warranty to match. However, the construction of the magazine leaves a lot to be desired.  Due to its plastic construction we are interested to see if this model will stand up to the rigors of construction use. However, the seven-year warranty should put most consumers concerns to ease. Also the only suitable finishing nails that would work with the gun seem to be Stanley or Bostitch. Over all it seems to be a good value unit for enthusiasts alike.

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