Dewalt Brad Pneumatic Nailer DWFP12231 Review

The Dewalt Brad Pneumatic Nailer DWFP12231 comes equipped with a lifelong maintenance free motor and a rear exhaust that keep the nail kit from harming the work surface and to keep any outside contaminants away from the work area as well.  This makes the Dewalt Brad Nailer a very convenient and safe nail gun to use.

Capable of driving home eighteen gauge nails that vary in length from 5/8 to 2-inches, the  DWFP12231 air nailer can just as easily remove those nails with a jam release mechanism that comes standard on the machine.

This could easily suffice as your standard nailing kit for a wide variety of topics, ranging from decking to flooring to fencing and more.  The kit comes complete with a durable, plastic carrying case, a hex wrench, and lubricating oil.

DWFP12231 Review

Technical details of the Dewalt Brad Nailer DWFP12231

  • Power source – Pneumatic
  • Nail Diameter 18gauge
  • Operating Pressure 70-120psi
  • Nail Length Capacity 5/8″ to 2″
  • Magazine Angle Staight°
  • Magazine Capacity 100
  • Magazine Loading Side Load
  • Jam Clearing Tool-free front opening
  • Depth Setting Tool-free thumb wheel depth setting
  • No Mar Pad Yes
  • Integrated Belt Hook Yes – Adjustable
  • Exhaust Rear Exhaust
  • Tool Height 9.5″
  • Padded Grips Textured anti-slip comfort grip
  • Tool Width 2.3″
  • Tool Length 9.5″
  • Tool Weight 2.6lbs
  • Firing Mode Sequential trigger
  • Shipping Weight 4.8 lbs

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DWFP12231 Review

The Dewalt DWFP12231 nail kit is an excellent nail tool for nearly anything you could ask of it.  To name a few things, the nail kit comes with a very reliable maintenance free motor that will prevent the working surface from becoming stained, while the rear exhaust of the nail kit will keep away outside contaminants from getting involved in the work place.

The Dewalt Brad Nailer is incredibly comfortable to handle and use, thanks in large part to the rubber grip that is not only designed for maximum comfort, but as an anti-grip slip.  Therefore, not only will you be very comfortable using the Dewalt Brad Nailer, you’ll be very safe as well.  Finally, the nail kit can be kept close to you for the duration of your work time due to the belt hook that is also adjustable.

The entire nail kit is very handy to use and comes with an array of features, but the most noticeable thing anyone will notice when they first pick it up is how lightweight and yet durable the entire design feels.  This alone makes the Dewalt Brad Nailer Kit one of the most desirable nail kits to use that’s currently available on the market.  The depth adjustment of the nail kit is also completely adjustable allowing you to complete a variety of medium to large tasks.

Dewalt is a hardware company known for their quality, and the DWFP12231 nail kit model is no exception to those standards.  While it’s lightweight may be one critical factor in its favor, the nail kit has a variety of different features that make it very user friendly.  In other words, you don’t have to be an expert to learn how to operate one.

Simply read up on the instruction manual and the features on the design should make it very easy for you to learn on your own.  Time that would have had to be spent on learning how to use the nail kit can instead be spent on your building project.

What kinds of features does the Dewalt Brad Nailer have to make it so user friendly?  Features of it include a jam release mechanism allowing you to easily remove nails that you placed by mistake, a one hundred nail capacity so you don’t have continuously reload it, a non-marring nose tip, an adjustment for the proper nail head setting, a smooth trigger, and an integrated rubber, anti-slip grip that’s made for maximum comfort.

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Final Notes about the DWFP12231  Brad Nailer

All in all, if you’re in the market for a nail kit, the Dewalt Brad Nailer is worth your serious consideration if you want something that’s lightweight, durable, user friendly, and comes from a quality company. Note that you’ll need a compressor to drive the air nailer.

As a top of the line product, the Dewalt Brad Nailer will make you look like a pro even as you work on any basic, medium sized home project.  Thousands of building contractors from all over the country have selected the Dewalt Brad Nailer as their nailer of choice, and with good reason.

If you don’t want to waste money on a poor quality nailer or spend time learning how to use an un-user friendly machine, then why would you not want to go with the Dewalt Brad Nailer?  Plus, you’ll feel comforted immediately after buying the nailer since you’re buying from one of the largest tool companies in the world that has been consistently used and trusted by home improvement specialists all around.   Go ahead and give it a shot, but remember to work as safely as possible!

We hope you enjoyed this Dewalt Brad Nailer DWFP12231 Review. Be sure to check out our other best brad nailers.

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