Dewalt D51430 Review

Dewalt D51430 review introduction. The Dewalt D51430 1 inch to 2 inch 16 Gauge 7/16 inch Medium Crown Stapler, has been designed and engineered to the very highest standards for the professional contractor, although it is also an ideal choice for the amateur re-modeler or DIY enthusiast. It has all the power to master the challenges of the construction site, light weight and easy to maneuver, the D51430 is a firm favorite with the professional and the DIY’er.

The pneumatic stapler can easily keep up with the most enthusiastic of workers, with the ability to shoot 20 fasteners per second (at 100 psi), making short work of even the biggest of projects. The Dewalt D51430 stapler is the ideal choice for many of the bigger and heavier jobs, such as, fencing and framing.


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Features of the Dewalt D51430 1 Medium Crown Stapler

  • Pneumatic
  • Light weight
  • Operating Pressure 70 – 120 psi
  • Low air consumption (.039 scfm)
  • Air inlet 3/8″
  • Tool-free jam clear
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Tool-free 360-degree adjustable exhaust
  • Safety lock off
  • Textured anti-slip grip
  • Dual firing
  • 160 nail capacity magazine
  • Manufacturer’s 3-year warranty
  • The stapler comes complete with safety glasses, two Allen wrenches, and a replacement sequential trigger.
  • Size  11.9 x 4.2 x 16.2 inches (approx.)
  • Weight 6 lbs.

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Dewalt D51430 Review

Dewalt have established themselves as firm favorite of the professional construction worker, thanks to their design and engineering expertise, which caters for the needs of the craftsman and the demands of the worksite.

For those who have a large project to complete the firing speed of the Dewalt D51430 1 Inch to 2 Inch 16 Gauge 7/16 Inch Medium Crown Stapler is hard to beat, with a firing rate of 20 fasteners per second (at 100 psi), the D51430 makes short work of the biggest project and if time is money then this is really good news. The low air consumption allows the stapler to cycle faster and more consistently, using less air per shot then many other similar tools. With both bump and sequential firing the stapler is ideal for many fastening situations and with the generous magazine holding 160 nails, the nail gun can keep going for longer reducing down time to refill the nail supply.

The tool free adjustment facilitates of the Dewalt D51430 is a real bonus for the busy user, searching for the appropriate tool to make a minor or major adjustment to the tool causes frustration and down time, which is something most users can do without. The tool free depth of drive and jam freeing, makes for a smoother working day, with less down time and frustration.

Thanks to the ‘clean’ nose of the nail gun fixing fasteners, particularly in confined spaces, is far more accurate, which reduces the risks of damaging the work area.

The 360 degree moveable exhaust makes for comfort for the operator and helps keep the work area free from dust and debris and being a tool free operation, down time and frustration is kept to a minimum.

The Dewalt D51430 medium crown stapler has be designed and constructed to meet the demands of the professional construction worker, with a soft grip textured anti-slip handle and high speed firing ability to keep the fastest of workers happy. A safety lock off and the safety glasses provided adds to the package, keeping the risk of accident to a minimum, and because the makers realize just how hard the nailer will be expected to work they even provide a replacement sequential trigger.

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Final Comment about the Dewalt D51430

The robust construction of the Dewalt D51430 1 inch to 2 inch 16 Gauge 7/16 inch Medium Crown Stapler makes it the ideal choice for the professional or the DIY’er who has tough jobs to tackle, such as fencing or framing, this stapler has the strength and power to cope with the demands of the work site. Investing in the Dewalt D51430 1 inch to 2 inch 16 Gauge 7/16 inch Medium Crown Stapler, makes perfect sense for those who intend to use the stapler for more than just a day or two, as hiring can very soon work out extremely expensive.

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