Dewalt DC 616K XRP Nailer Review

Dewalt DC616K review introduction. The Dewalt DC616K XRP Nailer is a compact and portable tool that is able to combine precise hand nails at a very high speed. Best of all it has a rechargeable 18volt battery and shoots readily. It’s designed to seal out dust and also has rear load magazines that hold 110nails.

Dewalt DC 616K Review







Other  features that are associated with this outstanding tool includes; it comes with a precise depth control mechanism, a swing open nosepiece, this is important as it used in clearing jams, there’s also a safety contact which serves as a lock off that has the capability of disabling the trigger.


Technical details of the Dewalt DC616K XRP Nailer

  • Nail gun use: Finishing
  • Nail gun type: Battery
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Length: 18.50 inches
  • Width: 15.2 inches
  • Height: 7 inches
  • Item model number: DC616K
  • Battery cell type: NiCad
  • Nail size: 1-1/2 – 2-1/2 inches
  • Payload: 110 nails
  • Compact body design and portable
  • Integrated LED lights for long life and durability.
  • Easy access to the nosepiece for the removal of jammed nails without using tools such as screwdrivers is a brilliant feature that makes the tool useful.

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Dewalt DC 616K Review

Dewalt Dc 616K XRP Nailer provides fast consistent nail penetration in both hard and soft material. One can choose to select a mode that can ensure precise placement of each nail or use the bump operating system which repress top speed. The tool is equipped with a unique engine which allows the tool to work fast as you are able fire four to five nails a second; this increases production of the tool.

With just 8.5 pound, it’s a light weight (though see comments below*) which makes it easier for maneuvering. It also has a reduced operator fatigue, while working with it you don’t have to strain so much. The tool is also fitted with integrated LED which makes it easy to ensure accuracy in poor light conditions.

From those who have used the tool, one recommended it as being his favorite tool because it is versatile for framing and also in trim work. Also said that the galvanized nail that comes with the tool are straight, quite cheap and easily found. Another  individual recommended it because of its easy adjustment depth which makes it sink the longest nails easily into tough pressure treated woods and also its ability to rarely get jams which are quickly cleared with no tools. In addition to that the Dewalt DC 616K is also quick and easy to use, as it is economical and does not require air horse to drag around.

We have compared the  Dewalt DC 616K with other 16 gauge finish nailers. To see how it compares check out best 16 gauge finishing nailers.

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Final Comments about the Dewalt DC 616K Nailer

To sum up the popular DEWALT DC 616K XPR is a very versatile nail gun for both framing and trim work. It comes with a reversible belt hook, and safety glasses to avoid injury, a one hour charger and a plastic storage case. And of course in addition to that, on purchase you are assured of a 3 year limited warranty and a two year service contract on the XRP battery.



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