DEWALT DCN692B Nailer Review

What a joy is the Dewalt DCN692B is! The framing nailing arena is literally packed with hundreds of big names to choose from including Porter Cable and Bostitch, and Dewalt arguably tops the list and for several reasons.

Not so long ago they introduced the DCN690 – a gasless framing nailer. But now the upgraded Dewalt DCN692B framing nail gun simply takes things to a whole new level!

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For starters, the DCN692B fly-wheel powered framing nailer speeds up workflow thanks to the new bump fire feature. In addition, it eliminates the use of the common gas cylinder but is powered by a traditional long lasting 4.0ah 18v Li-ion battery.

DEWALT DCN692BJust like its predecessor, the Dewalt DCN692B is equipped with a brushless motor, which enhances its capacity and service life compared to a brushed framing nailer.

Owing to its gasless operation, the 692B Dewalt framing nailer offers superior and consistent performance across varied temperatures ranging from -15 to a remarkable 50 degrees Celsius.

This simply translates to less maintenance and minimal cleaning/servicing, which further results in increased productivity and not to mention unrivaled cost savings.

But the real beauty of the Dewalt DCN692B lies in its robust rear loading magazine, and ability to fire roughly a staggering 700 nails on a single charge of the battery.

The 4ah battery of the DCN692B offers incredible runtimes, and is compatible with the entire XR Lithium Ion range of tools, which includes drill drivers, grinders and impact wrenches.

The Dewalt DCN692B arrives feature rich in a rugged and roomy black case, making it a perfect tool for a variety of users including deck builders, general contractors, remodelers, punch list guys, sheathing and fencing.

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Highlights of the Dewalt DCN692B Framing Nailer

  • User selectable dual speed and low vibration technology
  • Brushless motor and engine design provide enough power to drive 3½” nails
  • Impact resistant top cap for easy troubleshooting
  • Nosepiece is easily accessible to remove jammed nails
  • Trigger lock-off
  • Compatible with offset, clipped or full round head paper tape nails
  • 55 nails magazine capacity
  • Appointed with indicator lights to warn of a stall or low battery
  • Stall release lever
  • Ability to nail approximately 700 nails on a single charge

The Dewalt DCN692B package includes:

  • DCN692 nailer (one piece)

Design, Settings and Modes of the DCN692 Nail Gun

The Dewalt DCN692B is outfitted with a plethora of features that simply can’t be sniffed at.

The Grip

It boasts a profiled nose piece that provides a stable ergonomic grip allowing you to accurately fire and get those nails exactly where you want.  And it is a joy to hold with the right balance and overmold grip.

Solidly Built

The first thing you can’t help but notice when you unwrap the 692B framing nail tool is that it is a solid and beefy nailing tool that weighs roughly 9 lbs. This is definitely a good thing considering that it is designed to fire nails at extreme speeds and the wear and tear it will be subjected to.

The Nail Magazine

Another upside of the DCN692 nailing tool is that the nail magazine is much shorter compared to other framing tools, making it easy to get between standard framing. The pitfall however of the small magazine is that it holds just 55 nails, but on a brighter note takes just a few seconds to reload.


With regards to reloading, the process works a bit differently compared to conventional nailing tools, where you simply just drop a new set of nails in the back, then lock the follower.

The Dewalt DCN692B framing nail gun however makes this easier where you lock the follower in place by pulling back on it, feed a strip of nails and lock the follower back into position. The trigger lock is another nice and thoughtful feature of the DCN692B nailing tool and as the name suggests locks the trigger.

This is great considering that this is a type of tool that’s always hot and makes it safe as well while not in use or even being transported because the last thing you want is a highly unlikely accidental discharge of a 3½” nail into you.

Nice New Features

Adding to this, the DCN692B dual speed framing nailer features a dedicated stall release switch and tool-free depth release adjuster that collectively boost productivity.

The intelligent fault indicator of the DCN692B framing nailer indicates exactly why your tool has stalled, whether low battery or a jammed nail, and can also be configured to display how many of the nails have been fired.

One of the distinct features of the DCN692 nailing tool that sets it apart from its predecessor – the DCN690 is that it embraces low vibration technology and user selectable dual speed modes.

The speed setting 1 is designed to drive shorter nails between 2” and 3” long, whereas speed setting 2 is optimized to drive longer nails between 3-1/4″ to 3-1/2″ long.

There are however added benefits of user selectable settings and low vibration technology including increased application speed, lower fatigue and the increase in the amount of nails that can be fired on a single battery charge.

Operating Modes

Dewalt claims that switching to speed 2 provides the DCN692B with consistent power and speed that is relatively similar to a pneumatic framing nailer. The Dewalt gas free framing nail gun offers two modes to choose from – bump fire (new for this model) and sequential mode.

Users can switch between the two modes on the fly with a dedicated switch and according to the specific application. Further, this switch also allows users to adjust the depth of drive when firing nails into a variety of materials.

The bump mode is ideal for sheathing, framing or any other applications that do not require precision such as finish work projects where not marring the wood surfaces and precision placement are critical.

Framing and sheathing applications require superior speed, and that is what the bump mode aims to deliver. Considering that the DCN692B uses a brushless motor eliminates the need to mess around with fuel cartridges and even application of any type of lubrication.

About the Stall Release Lever

The stall release lever of the DCN692B nail gun is designed to reset the drive blade should it jam in the down position. This often happens when you encounter a knot in the wood or when nailing in extremely dense wood.

Resetting the driver blade is easily accomplished in pneumatic nail guns by simply pushing the driver blade back into position given the fact that there is minimal resistance on the inside.

The inside of the DCN692B however has a lot of moving parts, which is where the stall release lever helps by releasing the tension on the driver blade and resetting it to the start position.

Should you Ditch your Gas Cartridge or Compressor Nail Gun?

Well, it depends! If you’ve worked with a gas nailer day in and out, you’re well aware of the grief they can cause in very low or high temperatures. Winters or summers regardless of where you’re located are not a good match for gas nailing tools, and you’ve probably sat with a gas canister between your legs trying to warm it up just to get the nailer started.

And not to mention the relief from dragging a tangled hose wherever you go, making it much easier to move around especially when you’re firing off rafter nails, balancing on a 2 story top plate or clambering down on a roof. So if you’re serious about nailing with top notch convenience, the answer is clearer than ever!

Pros of the Dewalt DCN692B Framing Nail Gun

  • Two modes to choose from
  • Stall release lever
  • Low vibration technology
  • Two settings to choose from
  • Perfect for a wide range of applications
  • Gasless operation
  • Low maintenance
  • No messy lubrication needed
  • Long lasting battery (sold separately)

Cons of the Dewalt DCN692B Framing Nail Gun

  • An accommodate just 55 nails, but reloading takes just seconds
  • Power may require two batteries to last through the workday

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Final Thoughts

At just under 9 lbs, the Dewalt DCN692B definitely raises the benchmark on what a perfect nailing tool should be.

Compared to gas nailing tools, the DCN692B nailing gun offers much needed relief from temperature sensitive gas cartridges resulting in less time spent in cartridge maintenance and operation.

The price of the DCN692B nailer may seem tough on the pockets, but its ability to deliver increased productivity with no messes makes up for it many times over.

Check it out!