Freeman Coil Nailer Review

Freeman coil nailer review introduction. The Freeman 2 ½ Inch Coil Siding Nailer engineered for the professional market, but also ideal for the DIY’er, thanks to its ease of use and multiple possible applications which include, roof and wall sheathing, siding installation, shingling and fencing.

Freeman Coil Nailer Review







The nailer has been constructed from die-cast magnesium, with anodized aluminum internal components and high quality rubber ‘O’ rings, which adds to the durability of the nail gun, while keeping the weight of the nailer down to a manageable weight.

The Freeman pneumatic nailer is made in the USA by Prime Global Products, who offer a 7 year limited warranty.


Features of the Freeman 2 ½ Inch Coil Siding Nailer

  • Nailer Type: Pneumatic
  • 70 to 110 psi
  • Tool free depth adjuster
  • Adjustable exhaust (360 degrees)
  • Light weight
  • Open nose
  • No mar tip
  • Reversible belt hook
  • Safety trigger lock
  • One piece driver blade
  • Quality rubber ‘O’ rings
  • Air filter with dust cap
  • Side and front impact bumpers
  • Magnesium housing
  • Shoots 15 degree nails ranging in size from 1 ¼ inch to 2 ½ inch
  • 7 year limited warranty
  • Size 6 x 13 x 14.5 inches (approx.)
  • Weight 8 lbs
  • The package comes complete with wrenches, safety glasses, oil and instructions.

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Freeman Coil Nailer Review

The Freeman Coil Nailer is the ideal choice for the professional construction worker or the enthusiastic DIY’er. Light enough for prolonged use yet, strong enough to supply all the punch and power required for the largest of construction projects. The magnesium housing and the aluminum internal components ensure the nailer is light yet robust.

The Freeman coil siding nailer shoots a range of 15 degree nails from 1 ¼ to 2 ½ inch nails, which are readily available from most hardware stores, as it will happily accept any brand of nails, which can help keep the costs of running the nail gun down.

The adjustable exhaust covers 360 degrees and keeps the work area free from dust and debris, the air filter and dust cap also works to keep the work area clean and also protects the motor of the nailer, which reduces costs for maintenance and prolongs the life of the equipment.

The simple depth of drive control is tool free which saves on down time searching for the correct tool to adjust the depth of drive. The safety trigger lock off makes this nailer safe and easy to operate and greatly reduces the risk of the nailer firing accidently. The reversible belt hook makes the Coil Siding Nailer safe and convenient for both left handed and right handed users, which is very important when working up a ladder or on a roof or scaffolding.

Internally the driver blade has been constructed of heat treated one piece hardened steel and with the cylinder made of anodized aluminum and quality ‘O’ rings, the nailer has been engineered to cope with the tough life of the construction worker.

This highly versatile tool is ideal for working on many projects including fencing, roof and wall sheathing, siding installation, with compressed air pressure of 70 to 110 psi, it has all the punch to easily cope with the pressures of the construction site or home remodel, making it the ideal choice for many jobs, large or small.

The design of the Freeman Coil Siding Nailer has been well thought through, with bumpers on both the sides and front of the nailer to protect the work area, and with the ability to handle both wire and plastic collated nails, which eliminates rust streaks on, for example siding or fencing, which can spoil the finished appearance of the project, the coil siding nailer, is the ideal choice for those who take real pride in their work.

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Final Thoughts About The Freeman 2 ½ Inch Coil Siding Nailer

Investing in the Freeman Coil Nailer could prove to be very wise and profitable, for either the professional or amateur craftsman, the highly versatile siding nailer has been engineered to take on the challenges of the worksite and provide a professional finish to every task, making it the ideal ‘go to’ tool for a wide variety of tasks.

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