Freeman PFL618BR Flooring Nailer Review

Freeman PFL618BR review introduction. Forget using a hammer, the Freeman PFL618BR 3-in-1 pneumatic flooring nailer is a very handy nailer with a number of useful features if you are in the business of laying down wooded flooring. Features that include – that it will take three types of fasteners, a durable carrying case to hold your equipment, a seven year warranty, aluminum and oil-less components that can sustain extended wear, and interchangeable floor plates.

Freeman_PFL618BR 3 in 1 Pneumatic Flooring Nailer








PFL618BR Technical Specifications

  • Coloring: Black
  • Weight: Twelve Pounds
  • Dimensions (inches): 16.8×3.5×22.8 inches
  • Power Source: Air Powered
  • Operating Pressure: 70 – 115 psi
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 – 120 pcs
  • Fastener Gauge: 15.5 – 16 See note 1.
  • Additional Components: Durable, plastic case; Wrenches; Oil; Safety Goggles
  • Warranty Description: seven year warranty

Note 1 – Compatible Fasteners: All 15 1/2 Gauge 1/2″ Crown, Glue Collated Flooring Staples and all 16 Gauge Glue Collated Flooring T & L cleat ranging from 1 1/2″ – 2″

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Freeman PFL618BR 3 in 1 Pneumatic Flooring Nailer Review

The Freeman PFL618BR features a flooring gun equipped with a hard case, anodized aluminum magazine, a drive blade, white rubber mallet, a durable carrying case PFL618BR, a 3 in 1 fastening system, and additional components discussed in the specifications list above.

One reason why the Freeman PFL618BR is reckoned to be so versatile is because it can shoot both nails and staples. The staples it can shoot range from fifteen in a half to sixteen gauge with a length of one to two inches. The nails the PFGL618BR can shoot range from one and a half to two inches, and the magazine to the Freeman holds between one hundred to one hundred and twenty staples/nails.

The frame of the PFGL618BR is constructed out of a durable aluminum designed to be dependable on job site use. Two composite base plants that are non-marring are included in the kit for additional stability and protect against any scratches that the flooring surface would otherwise sustain. The base plates are completely interchangeable and can be installed with one half to three fourth inch nailed down flooring.

The driver blade is made out of a very tough and durable, one piece steel, aluminum cylinder, an air filter on the inside, and rubberized o-rings. The complete set comes with a very durable, plastic carrying case.

The PFGL618BR is a nailer you should consider because it provides the quality of a professional nailer at the same price of any normal, homeowner tool. Staples, T-cleats, and L-cleats will all work as fasteners for the flooring. With the seven year warranty on top of that already excellent price, that’s a deal that’s extremely hard to beat.

If there is downside to the Freeman PFL618BR, it’s that it’s a rather heavy nailer. Okay, nailers in general aren’t that heavy, but as far as nailers go, the Freeman PFL618BR is heavier than most. In fact, some of its competitors currently on the market only weigh half as much as the PFL618BR.

If you plan on packing around your nailer a lot for whichever job you have in place, you could wear down faster than you would hauling around other nailers with you. Fortunately, the PFL618BR is built and designed for larger, more heavy duty projects, so in that regard, it’s not particularly designed to be hauled around anyway.

The seven year warranty that Freeman offers is also one that you shouldn’t hold in high regard simply because it’s seven years. Freeman offers excellent customer service that’s hard to beat; whenever there’s something wrong with any of their products, their customers simply send back the tools or the components of the tools AFTER Freeman sends a new one. This stands in stark contrast to other nail gun and hardware companies on the market, who will usually send a new tool only after the old one has been delivered back to them. This saves a lot of time for the customer, giving them more opportunity to work on their building projects.

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Final Notes about the PFL618BR Flooring Nail Gun

All in all, there are definitely more pros than cons for the PFL618BR. The air filter, anti-dust cap, aluminum magazine rails, three types of fasteners, and composite floor plates are not only nice features to have, they are very durable and made of high quality materials.

The customer service that Freeman provides is really worth of high note. For one thing, it’s very rare for any hardware company to offer seven years of warranty for their projects, let alone send a new tool before the old one is sent back to them from the customer. It just goes to show how much Freeman cares for their customers and understands that time is on their hands.

Finally, the PFL618BR is a very versatile nailer to use due to its three kinds of fasteners allowing you to use nearly any kind of flooring on the market, and all at an excellent, very competitive price.

As for the cons, the PFL18BR is a little on the heavy side, so take that into consideration if you need to shift it around from jobsite to jobsite.

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