Freeman PFR2190 Review

Freeman PFR2190 review introduction. The Freeman PFR2190 framing nailer impressively fires 21 degree framing fasteners. The pneumatic framing nailer is powered by compressed air. Constructed with magnesium and anodized aluminium warrants an air tool worthy for commercial use. Oil-less parts ensure a maintenance free design.

Freeman FRP2190 Review






Freeman PFR2190 Framing Nailer Technical Details

Here is summary of the features of the Freeman pfr2190 21-degree full-head framing nailer.

  • Nail gun application: Framing
  • Nail gun type: Pneumatic
  • Power source: Compressed air
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Unit height: 12 inches
  • Unit Length: 18 inches
  • Unit Width: 2 inches
  • Color: Black and Orange
  • Loading type: strip
  • Fastener collation: Glue
  • Fastener Depth Control: Yes
  • Maximum nail size: 2 inches
  • Minimum nail size: 3-1/2 inches
  • Nail Diameter: 21 degree framing nails
  • Magazine size: N/A
  • Unique features: 360 degree adjustable exhaust vent
  • Warranty- 7 year limited warranty

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Freeman PFR2190 Review


The Freeman PFR2190 21 degree full head framing nailer is perfect for just about any heavy-duty job. The pneumatic nailer is effective for projects like framing, roofing, siding, fencing, or even wall sheathing. This nailer accepts 21 degree full headed nails from 2 inches to 3-1/2 inches. In turn making this nail gun perfect for many wood types and applications. It utilizes compressed air to run the tool.

The PFR2190 framing nailer comes with a couple features one would expect to find on a high end nail gun. To begin with, a 360 degree adjustable air vent prevents moister spots on the wood surface. An air filter and dust cap prevents damage to your tool from contaminants in your air supply.

A magnesium constructed body lowers the tools weight while increasing the durability. It also features an interchangeable trigger, which allows the user to switch between the single and contact firing. Constructed of high strength heat-treated steal, the driving blade is designed for long life and strength. An anodized aluminium cylinder and Teflon o-rings ensure the tool will perform flawlessly for many years to come. And this framing nailer also sports a non-marring rubber tip, which prevents damage to the wood surface.

As with all Freeman nailers, strict quality control guidelines ensure you receive a quality product right out of the box that will last forever. Sturdy enough to be used on the job site commercially, it will serve just fine for a wood working enthusiast. Included with this nailgun are goggles, wrenches, and a plastic case.

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Final comments on the Freeman PFR2190 Framing Nailer

Freeman strives to be known for their quality products while maintaining affordable prices. Their heavy duty construction materials and seven year warranty are proof these tools are of quality construction. The PFR2190 framing nailer is a great choice for professionals who will torture test this nail gun daily on the job site.  This nailer is a great value for a quality and well-equipped nailgun.

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Freeman PFR2190 Review


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