Hitachi NR65AK Round Head Positive Placement Nailer Review

Hitachi NR65AK Round Head 1-1/2-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch Positive Placement Nailer Review Introduction: The Hitachi NR65AK is a light weight, but powerful nailing gun is the gun to use when connecting metal. The nail gun shoots up to 2-1/2 inch x 0.162” paper collated 34 degree fasteners with accuracy and the necessary power to get the job done right the first time. The Hitachi has new and improved features to make the nailing process efficient and quick.  The nail gun comes with 3 wrenches and eye protection.

Hitachi NR65AK Nailer







Hitachi NR65AK Round Head Nail Gun Technical Details

  • Nailgun application: framing, especially metal attachment
  • Nailgun type: Pneumatic
  • Operating pressure: 80 to 120 psi
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Length: 5.10 inches
  • Width: 18.90 inches
  • Height: 15.20 inches
  • Nail types: Hitachi hard round head paper collated, heat treated nails 1-1/2 inch to 2-1/2 inch long and 0.132 inch to 0.132 inch in diameter
  • Payload: double strip magazine
  • It has the power to drive nails into any kind of wood material, including engineered lumber
  • Compact body designed for balance and comfort
  • Consistent power with every shot for maximum accuracy
  • Push lever and trip mechanism

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Hitachi NR65AK Nailer Review

The Hitachi NR65AK is a light weight strap tite nailer that makes connecting metal quick and easy. The nail gun shoots up to 2-1/2 inch x 0.162” paper collated 34 degree fasteners and will accommodate brands other than Hitachi. It has a unique, over hanging tip design with hole locating mechanism, making connecting a variety of metals easy and accurate. The Hitachi NR65AK also features a push lever and trip mechanism for precision work. Some nail guns call this feature a restrictive or single shot trigger operation.

The Hitachi NR65AK has a dual, rear load magazine that holds a total of 100 nails. The opening mechanism is a flip switch and slide out compartment that is easy to accomplish, even while wearing work gloves. The magazine compartment completely encloses the nails for protection from damage.

The Hitachi NR65AK works in two modes, push or single shot. This means the gun will fire when the tip is placed against the surface or when the trigger is squeezed while making contact with the surface. Either way, the nail is delivered with power and accuracy and the choice depends on the task at hand.

The operating pressure of the Hitachi NR65AK nailer is sufficient enough to deliver the necessary power to drive the nails fast and accurately and it works well with a 3 gallon compressor. However, higher capacity compressors may also be used. The nailer is also equipped with a male quick connector, twist on connection with a pressure removal connector. Only use the prescribed connections and tubing when operating the nail gun.

The air filter is designed to remove moisture and contaminants from the compressed air, two elements that will damage the nail gun and reduce its effective life. Changing the air filter regularly is the optimum maintenance measure that will keep the power at optimum levels and prolong the life and integrity of the nail gun.

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Final Comment about the Hitachi NR65AK Round Head Positive Placement Nailer

The Hitachi NR65AK nailer is the ideal tool when the use of metal hangers in construction is standard practice. The nail gun is designed with rugged good looks and will stand up to everyday use at even the most active construction site. The Hitachi NR65AK is perfect for the professional contractor or the everyday home owner who likes to undertake weekend construction projects.

The one nail at a time shot makes nailing accurate at all times. The nailer uses other brands of fasteners, which is a help if the Hitachi brand is hard to find. The design of the nailing gun lends itself to working in small and tight spaces. The Hitachi NR65AK saves time and money and puts efficiency into production when it comes to getting the job done.

When it comes to construction, time is money and fast and accurate are the two words most often mentioned when describing how a project should be completed. The Hitachi NR65AK nailer has the power and the accuracy to keep a job on track and within budget.

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