Hitachi NV50AP3 Cap Nailer Review

Hitachi NV50AP3 Cap Nailer Review introduction:  The Hitachi NV50AP3 1-1/4 inch to 2 inch Cap Nailer is 20% lighter than the NV50AP2, creating less fatigue.  The nailer shoots both metal and plastic caps in tandem for a more secure hold. The nailer features selective actuation allows the user to drive caps either sequentially or bump nail fire.  The nailer offers great tool free flexibility when nailing various materials.

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The Hitachi NV50AP3 1-1/4-Inch to 2-Inch Cap Nailer Technical Details

  • Nailgun application: Tyvek, house wrap, tar paper, roofing paper
  • Nailgun type: pneumatic
  • Operating pressure: 70 to 120 psi
  • Power Source: air powered
  • Weight: 5.52 pounds
  • Length: 14-9/16 inches
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Height: 10-19/32 inches
  • Nail Types: full round, head wire collation nails, and caps that are plastic or steel
  • Power to drive nails into any kind of lumber
  • The nailer features a compact design for maximum balance and style
  • Consistent power with every shot with an internal piston and catch mechanism
  • Selective trigger – contact actuation mode or restrictive mode
  • The nailer features depth of drive adjustment, with no additional tools necessary, 360 degree exhaust feature directs any way necessary
  • Translucent magazine allows user to confirm the remaining supply of caps
  • Payload – 350 nail caps per coil and 2 inch maximum capacity

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Hitachi NV50AP3 Cap Nailer Review

The Hitachi NV50AP3 2 cap nailer is a third generation Hitachi nailer with improved capabilities to suit the professional construction worker, but simple enough for the weekend do it yourself warriors who like to handle their own construction projects. The Hitachi NV50AP3 cap nailer is ideal for tacking house wrap, tar paper, roofing paper and Tyvek and any other kind of sheeting to engineered lumber.

One of the favorite capabilities is the selective actuation that allows the user to switch from bump fire to sequential with a flip of the switch. The nailer also offers tool free depth adjustment for optimum flexibility when fastening materials of different densities.  The Hitachi NV50AP3 2 cap nailer is equipped with a clear magazine to allow the user to see at a glance the remaining fasteners.

The minimized weight and cap magazine are designed to streamline the profile of the nailer making it more comfortable to use with less stress and fatigue. The nails will shoot straight as long as the coils are not damaged.  Nails that are damaged will misfire or shoot at an angle, or quite possibly jam the nail gun.

The Hitachi NV50AP3 nailgun drives nails in tandem to hold materials securely in place.  It has sufficient firing power to hold the protective paper to any material from engineered lumber to hard stock.

The magazine holds 350 caps, allowing for a substantial amount of work to be completed before reloading the gun. The clear magazine also allows the user to know at a glance when it is time to reload. That takes the guess work out of refilling the Hitachi NV50AP3 1-1/4-Inch to 2-Inch Cap Nailer. The gun is easy to reload, which means less down time.

Hitachi NV50AP3 cap nailer is lighter in weight than its counterpart. This means less stress and arm fatigue at the end of the day and minimized sore muscles at the end of the work week.

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Final Comments about the Hitachi NV50AP3 1-1/4-Inch to 2-Inch Cap Nailer

The Hitachi NV50AP3 nailer is a workhorse and performs consistently for efficient labor performance. Its light weight and streamlined design add to the appeal of the piece of equipment. It is a useful tool for both contractors and the average homeowner who wants to keep their home looking good.

Even though some people have problems with the nailer, it is usually due to lack of experience using nail guns. The learning curve is very short and after using the nailer for a short time, anyone can become proficient with the gun. The Hitachi NV50AP3 nailer is the ideal nail gun for any tool box and will quickly become the favorite tool.  The upgrades and additional capabilities made to the nailer will add efficiency to any project.

Even if you only have the need for the  Hitachi NV50AP3 nailer for one project, it is worth the purchase price to bring it on board. It will do the job and save your arm from stress, strain, aches and pains.

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