Paslode T250A F16 Finish Nailer Review

Paslode T250A F16 eview introduction. The Paslode T250A F16-Gauge Pneumatic Angled Finish Nailer is a pneumatic powered nail gun with all the punch required to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Ideal for the professional but also a great hit with the amateur the Paslode T250A is light and well balanced allowing for day long use without too much stress or strain.

Paslode T250A F16 Review







The pneumatic angled finish gun nailer takes nails from 1 ¼ inch up to 2 ½  inch 16 gauge , which is ideal for many carpenter jobs including door jambs, window framing and stair casings and despite its light weight has been constructed to be durable enough for anything a jobsite can throw at it.


Features of the Paslode T250A F16 Finish Nailer

  • Nailer use: Finish
  • Nailer type: Pneumatic
  • Safety lock off trigger
  • Quick tool free jam release
  • Tool free depth of drive adjustment
  • Light weight
  • Takes nails from 1 ¼ inch up to 2 ½ inch 16 gauge
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Angled magazine
  • Soft textured grip
  • A No-Mar tip
  • Spare No-Mat Tip
  • Size 5.5 x 18 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight 3.8 lbs.
  • The Paslode T250A also comes complete with a handy carry case and safety glasses.

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Paslode T250A F16 review

This super lightweight nail gun has all the features you would expect from a professional nailer and has been designed to be extremely hard working and durable making it ideal for the professional as well as the DIY’er and being so light weight, it is also ideal for use by women as there is no need to have impressive biceps, in order to fully appreciate the power and practicality of this nail gun. The comfortable soft grip adds to the use-ability of this great little nailer.

The angled design makes it ideal for use in some of the more hard to reach areas and the quick jam release is very simple to use, just swing open the front, no searching round for special tools, and the safety lock off feature prevents the nail gun from firing nails accidentally which can be very dangerous.

The no mar tip protects the wood from damage from the nailgun, and can take a lot of wear and tear, so it is good to know the Paslode T250A comes complete with a spare no mar tip.

Thanks to the pneumatic power the Paslode T250A 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer is able to deliver a real punch, exactly what is needed when faced with multiple nails to be driven home.

The tool free depth of drive adjustment, is a real bonus, not only does the user have control over how deep the nail is driven, but being a tool free adjuster, reduces the amount of downtime and frustration spent searching out the elusive specialist tool required to change the depth of drive.

The design of the Paslode T250A with its compact angled magazine, allows for nailing in the tightest of spaces, which adds to the practicality and versatility of this super powered pneumatic nail gun. The ability of the T250A to use 16 gauge nails means this nailer is ideal for use on thinner more delicate woods, without splitting the wood. Loading and reloading the gun nailer is very quick and easy, making it ideal for use for many different jobs.

The Paslode T250A F16 is the ideal choice for working with casings, base boards, moldings, door and window trims and of course door jambs and cabinetry work. The T250A makes light work of so many carpentry jobs, round the house or on the construction job site.

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Final Comments about the Paslode T250A F16 Pneumatic Finish Nailer

Sometimes it’s the little things, such as tool free adjusters that makes the difference between a tool becoming, a favorite much used addition to the tool kit and a ‘white elephant’ which rarely sees the light of day. The attention to detail with the handling of the nailer, the good balance and light weight, make it very comfortable to use, while still being robust and durable enough to cope with life on the jobsite. The overall design and practicality of the Paslode T250A F16-Gauge Pneumatic Angled Finish Nailer as well as it’s price, makes it a firm favorite with professionals and the DIY’er alike.



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