Porter-Cable PCFP12234 3-Tool Combo Kit Review

The PCFP12234 Porter-Cable 3-Tool Combo Kit provides excellent value for the simple reason that it comes with not just two or three, but 4 superb, high quality and useful tools that are designed for both novice and seasoned do-it-yourselfers.

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The kit arrives with everything you need to get started so you can start or finish up a project as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

Porter Cable PCFP12234Brought to you by one of the esteemed names in the tooling industry – Porter Cable is an all American Company that has stocked the tooling industry with a number of noteworthy power tools including the first portable band saw, helical drive circular saw and portable belt sander.

The Porter-Cable PCFP12234 3-Tool package is definitely one of the company’s most versatile offerings considering that it can be used for a wide range of applications including interior trim, crown molding, baseboards, show molding, cabinetry, paneling, dust containment, staircases, felt paper, upholstery, house-wrap, screening and insulation.

PCFP12234 3 Combo Kit – What’s in the Box

  1. 6 gallon, 150 psi compressor
  2. 16 gauge Finish Nailer
  3. 18 gauge Brad Nailer
  4. Heavy Duty Crown Stapler
  5. ¼ inch 25 feet of air hose with a coupler and plug
  6. 16 gauge finish nails of 2 inches length
  7. Crown staples
  8. 18 gauge length brad nails
  9. Belt hook accessory

Highlights of the Porter-Cable PCFP12234 3 Combo Kit

  • C2002 Porter-Cable Compressor
  • Innovative shroud design offers superior protection and portability
  • Weighs just 30lbs, making it easy to carry
  • 2.6 SCFM @ 90 psi results in quick recovery time
  • 150 psi max allows users to drive more nails compared to a
  • traditional 135 max psi compressor
  • 10 Amps current makes it compatible with 16 gauge or more
  • heavier extension cord (50 feet or less)
  • 16 gauge finish nailer
  • 18 gauge brad nailer
  • 18 gauge narrow crown stapler

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Porter-Cable FN250C 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

Porter Cable FN250CThis overview should be useful, but click here for a more detailed review of the Porter Cable 250C if you need it.

The FN250C 16 gauge finish nailing power tool included in the Porter-Cable PCFP12234 3 Combo Kit is designed with both newbies and professionals in mind, and boasts a no-maintenance, powerful and easy to use design.

This finish nailer is equipped with an oil-free motor that eliminates accidental spills and offers long service life. Adding to its list of features, the FN250C 16 gauge nailer is appointed with a powerful rear exhaust that blows away the dirt from the work area resulting in a professional and finish each time.

It offers the right amount of punch, and is compatible with 1 inch to 2 ½ inch 16 gauge collated finish nails, and its internal piston action delivers firm and accurate fixation.

Highlights of the Porter-Cable FN250C 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

  • Sequential style trigger
  • Tool free depth of drive adjustment
  • Rear blowing exhaust
  • 100 nail magazine
  • Rear load and lock
  • Integrated rubber grip
  • Adjustable belt hook
  • Tool free jam release mechanism
  • Weighs just 3.85lbs
  • Internal piston action
  • Onsite tool storage

The FN250C 16 Gauge Porter-Cable has garnered a reputation for unmatched quality and performance, and is ideal for lumber other home improvement tasks.

It offers safe and secure fixation owing to its impressive punch, and features a magazine style nail loading for continuous nail shooting to ensure no hindrances in your work.

In addition, the FN250C 16 nailing tool boasts a compact footprint, making it easy to move around and a perfect fit for carpentry jobs of all types.

The oil-free design coupled with the rear blowing exhaust of the FN250C 16 Porter-Cable 16 gauge finish nailer power tool ensures your workspace is free of oil spills and is clean at all times.

With the tool free feature of the FN250C 16 Porter-Cable nailer, you can set the depth of drive, and also remove jammed nails without using additional tools, which collectively result in quick and easy adjustments and no downtime whatsoever.

Porter-Cable is renowned for offering superior safety with all its products, and the FN250C 16 Porter-Cable nailer is no different with an onboard safety switch that prevents the nail gun from firing accidently.

Porter-Cable BN200C 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

Porter Cable BN200CClick here for a full review of the Porter Cable  BN200C Brad Nailer, otherwise read on for this overview. Boasting a compact footprint and blanketed by a magnesium body for the optimal combination of strength, the BN200C Porter-cable 18 gauge brad nailer is designed to be your best companion when working with wood and is a great addition to your tool chest.

This brad nailer can handle 18 gauge fasteners between 5/8 and 2 inches and is equipped with a 100 nail magazine. Adding to this, the BN200C Porter-Cable brad nailing tool boasts a maintenance free design, which along with a rear exhaust avoids accidental spills and keeps the work area clean.

Highlights of the Porter-Cable BN200C 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

  • Long maintenance life
  • Adjustable belt hook
  • 100 nails magazine capacity
  • Sequential style trigger
  • Robust magnesium body design
  • Low nail reload indicator
  • Rear exhaust to avoid impurities in the work area
  • Integrated rubber grip for superior comfort
  • Contact safety for better visibility
  • Onboard tool storage

The integrated rubber grip of the BN200C Porter-Cable nailing tool guarantees a smooth and comfortable grip even when working for longer periods.

Adding to this, the brad nailer’s onboard tool storage prevents misplacement of accessories, and its hardened blade offers longer service life complete with a nose grip that doesn’t mar things.

Other noteworthy features of the BN200C brad nailer are its low nail indicator, its special release system that virtually makes jams non-existent and better visibility through its contact safety located right behind the driver guide.

Porter-Cable TSO56 18 Gauge Crown Stapler

Porter-Cable TSO56Staplers have come a long way from when they were first introduced, and have proved to be excellent and essential woodworking tools, and the TSO56 3/8″ Crown Stapler is no different.

This stapler is a bit smaller than other similar tools in its segment, but don’t let its compact footprint fool you! For starters, it is slim and a joy to hold, and is powered by an oil-free air cylinder. This stapling power tool can staple in all species of wood, making it a must have tool for any tool arsenal.

Highlights of the TSO56 Crown Stapler

  • Oil free maintenance
  • Dual trigger design
  • Die cast aluminum design
  • Bottom loading for quick reloads
  • Split nose design
  • Rear exhaust
  • Long service life maintenance free motor
  • 100 staple magazine

The TSO56 Crown Stapler boasts a deceptive yet simple driver mechanism complete with a widened hardened blade powered by an air piston. Its cleverly designed magazine is able to accommodate 100 staples at any given time, and is even appointed with a window to indicate when you’re running low.

Although this stapler is jam resistant, occasional jams may occur and are simply fixed by releasing the super simple flip front cover by depressing a single lever, opening the cover and clearing the jams.

With regards to comfort, the TSO56 Porter-Cable crown stapler features a rubber like insert molded into the handle to offer superior control of this stapler power tool even when working over longer periods.

In addition, this insert offer a slip resistant grip, making driving staples at odd angles seamless, easy and safe. All in all, this crown stapler by Porter-Cable offers class leading durability and coupled with its superior design is arguably a great addition to the Porter-Cable PCFP12234 3 tool combo.

PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Pancake Compressor

PORTER-CABLE C2002-WKThis overview should prove useful, but click here if you want a more in-depth review of the Porter Cable C2002-WK.

Although it is not designed for heavy duty work, the C2002-WK Porter-Cable Pancake Compressor can pick up a few complex tasks and complete them with ease, and without any oily residue on your hands, device and floor.

Apart from its superior portability, cost and impressive built in capacity (150 psi max tank), the C2002-WK pancake compressor serves well for several household tasks such as nail gun, flat tires, inflatables and messy whatnots.

Highlights of the C2002-WK Porter-Cable Compressor

  • 150 psi max tank provides more storage for longer tool runtimes
  • 12v low amp motor provides easy startup even in cold weather
  • Shroud handle and console protect the vital components
  • Two onsite couplers to support two users at any given time
  • Lightweight at just 30lbs
  • 6 gallon pancake style tank for stability
  • Water drain valve and rubber feet

The Porter-Cable C2002-WK compressor is appointed with a liberal 6 gallon tank that is more than enough to power two framing nailers simultaneously without any hitches. It boasts a comfortable design, one with no pointing edges and its compact footprint allows for easy portability.

The regulator of this pancake style compressor is crafted from plastic, while the water drain valve of metal. Before using the C2002-WK Porter-Cable pancake style compressor, it is important to conduct the break-in procedure, which is explained in detail in the owner’s manual.

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Final Thoughts about the PCFP12234 3 Combo Kit

Regardless of the home improvement task, the PCFP12234 Porter-Cable 3 tool combo kit won’t disappoint. It comes with all the essential tools and accessories to get you started and make your project a success.

Brought to you by one of the most trusted names in the tooling industry, the PCFP12234 Porter-Cable combo kit is simply one of those unrivaled investment that pays itself off within a short period of use.

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