Porter Cable PIN138 Nailer Review

Porter Cable PIN138 nailer review introduction. The Porter Cable PIN138 nailer is perfect for any carpentry work. The pneumatic powered nailer is ideal for fine detailing work such as crown molding. The high capacity magazine ensures you will spend more time working, and less time fiddling with your tools.


porter cable pin138 review






Technical Details for the Porter Cable PIN138 Nailer


  • Nail gun application: Finishing & detail work
  • Nail gun type: Pneumatic
  • Power source: Compressed air
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Unit height: 7.5in.
  • Unit Length: 9.5in.
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Loading type: strip
  • Maximum nail size: 1-3/8in.
  • Minimum nail size: 5/8in.
  • Magazine size: 130 pins
  • Unique features: removable non-marring tip
  • Warranty- N/A

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Porter Cable PIN138 Nailer Review


The PIN138 pneumatic nailgun is perfect for your hobbies, home repairs, or even the job site. It easily takes on fine detail work in moldings, or any other instance where hiding visibility of the nail is important.

Taking advantage of 23 gauge nails, the PIN138 will accept slight head and headless pin nails in lengths from 5/8-inch to 1-3/8-inch nails. The motor, which is maintenance free, allows years of long life high performance. The pneumatic powered Porter Cable Pin138 nailer is powerful enough to fully sink a 1-3/8-nail through solid oak wood.

Unlike other nail guns, the Porter Cable pin nailer will automatically adjust for different pin lengths, saving you time and hassle. The ergonomically designed side-loading magazine will hold up to 130 nails.

The Porter Cable PIN 138 features an aluminum body and magazine to keep the weight down to just 2.2 pounds. A belt clip provides easy access to you nail gun just when you need it. The narrow nose and removable non-marring head will ensure you can get into tight places, with out damaging the surface of your project.

A rear facing exhaust vent prevents moisture and unwanted contaminates from the work surface, ensuring high quality work. The small size of a pin nail prevents wood splits you normally encounter with a larger pin nail. The PIN138 also features a smartly designed non-marring tip to prevent indentions from being left on the wood surface, a neat feature. A dry fire lockout prevents the nailgun from firing when the magazine is empty, quickly alerting the user to refill the cartridge. Included with the PIN138 nailgun are 2000 pin nails, cap, wrench, and even a carrying case.

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Final Comments about the Porter Cable PIN138 nailer

The Porter Cable PIN138 is perfect for decorative molding, light fastening, clamping, bead molding, and any other small detail work. The affordable price and maintenance free design are perfect for the DIY or professional contractor. A wide selection of pin lengths adds great versatility to this lightweight nailgun. The high capacity magazine and rubber grip ensure you will make quick work of any job you take on.

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