Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP Review

Extreme work requires extreme tools and the Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP finish nailer is designed solely for that purpose. The FinishPro 42XP is an upgrade to the FinishPro 41XP, and brings to the table a whole new set of features including a redesigned main body with improved durability, long life driver, better trigger ergonomics, reduced trigger reach, all topped off by Senco’s unprecedented 5 year warranty.

Designed by the pros for both novice and seasoned woodworking enthusiasts, the FinishPro 42XP is engineered to penetrate through the toughest wood including white oak.

Porter Cable PCFP12234Brought to you by one of the biggest names in the business, Senco for over 60 years has manufactured a stellar range of products and the FinishPro 42XP finish nailer tool is no different.

The company has grown to be the undisputed provider of superior quality fastening systems, which simply make the job at hand much easier.

When shopping for a nailing tool, the big question you may be faced with is the difference between a brad nailer and finish nailer?

Simply put, a brad nailer is generally much smaller in size compared to a finish nailer, making it easier to tell the two apart. Adding to this, a brad nailer offers considerably less holding power than a finish nailer considering it does not use nails brads, which explains the name of this fastening tool. Brads are thinner gauge nails that are the smallest in the nail family hence can only be driven by a tack hammer or pneumatic nailer owing to their very small heads.

Finish nailers such as the 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP nailing tool are much more versatile and offer greater holding power compared to brad nailers. Tasks where finish nailers prove to be much more efficient include installing baseboards or crown molding owing to the larger diameter of the heads of the nails. But if you’re woodworking tasks consists of both small and large project, investing in a brad nailing tool and a finish nailing tool such as the FinishPro 42XP 4G0001N nail gun is highly recommended.

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Highlights of the Senco FinishPro 42XP Finish Nailer

  • Stretch comfort grip
  • Thumb wheel depth of drive
  • NeverLube design translates to oil-free operation
  • 360 degrees adjustable exhaust
  • EZ Clear latch offers easy and fast clearing of occasional jams
  • Stretch comfort grip
  • Two no-mar pads with onsite storage to protect work surfaces from damage
  • Onboard construction ruler for quick measurements
  • Outer body crafted of magnesium resulting in comfortable use and long service life

Senco FinishPro 42XP Design and Performance

Engineered for the demands of professional use, the Senco 4G0001N nail gun doesn’t disappoint, but rather exceeds expectations in any task you put it through. For starters, it boasts an ergonomic and highly appealing design including lightweight construction that significantly reduces arm and wrist fatigue so you can more done in less time. This pneumatic finish nailer delivers a superb performance at an operating pressure between 70-120 PSIG.

Adding to this, the Senco FinishPro 42XP finish nailer is able to drive both bright and 15-gauge galvanized finish nails between 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches and into the hardest woods including oak wood. if you’re woodworking tasks consists of crown molding, exterior trim work, door and window casings, hard and soft wood flooring, chair rails and cabinets.

Crafted of magnesium, the Senco 42XP finish nailer is able to withstand wear and tear resulting in long service life and successful job completion.

For added convenience, the side of the 42XP Senco finish nailer is appointed with a dial in depth gauge along with a variable thumbwheel adjustable depth of drive that ensures precise fastening from the first drive until the last. Furthermore, the 42XP finish nailer by Senco is able to accommodate 104 nails at a single time resulting in fewer interruptions and considerably more productivity.

Jam-Free Working

Unlike other nailing tools in its segment, the Senco FinishPro 42XP fastening tool prevents jams with the onsite EZ-Clear latch, and even resists double nailing and misfires.

The Senco inarguably is built robust and boasts a lightweight construction, making the tool easy to operate. Apart from that, it is outfitted with a superior custom grip and trigger, which together guarantee your comfort and safety while you work. Senco’s proprietary NeverLube design means that you do not ever have to worry able oiling the tool or messy oil spills over the work surface.

This fastening tool arrives suited with a no-mar safety pad that grants you full access to the chamber while simultaneously protecting your tool against slipping and the surface area. Weighing just 4lb, and measuring a lean 4 x 11.5 x 13 inches (WxHxD), the Senco 42XP is backed by an impressive and unmatched 5 year warranty, which ensures stellar performance for many years to come.

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Getting started with the Senco 42XP Finish Nailer

Loading Up

Before you start fastening away, it is important to read the instruction manual diligently that came along with the 42XP finish nailing tool. You must at all times keep the tool pointed away from yourself and others before connecting the 42XP finish nail gun to the air supply. Loading the finish nailer is pretty much a no brainer, where you simply insert the strip of nails into the rear of the magazine. When loading the Senco 4G0001N, ensure that the safety element or trigger is not depressed. Lastly, pull the feeder show back.

Modes of Operation

Nails can be driven in two ways with a contact actuation, where first is by positioning the work piece contact (safety element) against the work surface and pulling the trigger aka trigger fire. Other method is by pulling the trigger while simultaneously pushing the work piece contact (safety element) against the work surface, where a nail is driven each time contact is made. Also referred to as “bottom fire” mode, this type of operation works best when rapid fastener placement and high production are desired.

In this Senco 42XP finish nailer review, we will also explain the sequential or restrictive mode of the nailer. In this mode, nails can only be driven one way, and is initiated by first depressing the safety element against the work surface and then pulling the trigger. This feature is handy when precise fastener placement is desired. If a nail jam occurs during fastening in any of the modes, disconnect the air supply, release the feeder shoe and slide it forward and remove the fasteners from the 42XP Senco finish nailer. Next, release the E-Z clear latch to open the door, remove the jammed nails and close the door and latch.

Damage Free Working

The bottom of the Senco 42XP work piece contact can be fitted with a no-mar pad in an effort to prevent damage or scuffs to the work surface. The pad is labeled to indicate the exit point of the nail to make alignment easier. Before adjusting the depth of drive, first disconnect the air supply, and then use your thumb or index finger to rotate the wheel, which is located on the side of the body to make the necessary adjustments. To adjust the direction of the exhaust air, turn the exhaust deflector to the desired location.

Senco 42XP Finish Nailer – Safety & Use

The Senco 42xp does several things well compared to other nailing tools in its segment. One of its most noteworthy features is its superb speed, which allows you to be up to 800% more productive. Next best feature of the 42xp Senco finish nailer is that the nails it uses are precision made, and available in strips held together by an adhesive. The adhesive performs additional functions as well such as creating the much needed friction when the piston of the Senco 42xp nailer drives the fasteners into the wood and consequently lubricating the nail to penetrate into the wood much easily.

With its robust uses and performance, it is important to note that the Senco 42xp is no kid’s toy hence should be handled with extreme caution. If you haven’t used a nailer such as the 42xp Senco, the best place for premium advice and safety tips is in the included owner’s manual.

Adding to this, the Senco 42xp finish nailer is backed by a astounding 5 year limited warranty, but again ensure you read the terms and conditions under which repairs and replacement are permitted.

Pros of the Senco 42xp Finish Nailer

  • Lightweight at just 4.5 lbs
  • EZ Clear latch for jammed nails
  • 360 degree adjustable exhaust
  • No-mar tip to safeguard work surfaces
  • Stretch comfort grip
  • Thumb wheel depth of drive

Cons of the Senco 42xp Finish Nailer

  • Jamming of fasteners can be expected, but is the case with all fastening tools.

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Final Thoughts about the Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP

For over 60 years, Senco has been manufacturing class leading products and the 42xp 4G0001N finish nailer is no different, It comes with everything you need to get started including a protective case so you can get started as soon as it arrives. There are several other finish nailers available in the market, but the 42xp has it all – appealing design, lightweight and robust performance. If you’re shopping for a finish nailer, the 42xp by Senco should be at the top of your list.

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