Senco FinishPro 11 Review

Senco FinishPro 11 review introduction. The Senco FinishPro 11 23-Gauge Micro Pinner is the ideal choice for delicate work. The FinishPro 11 has the power to deliver 1 to 2 inch 23 gauge headless pins into the hardest of woods, but it is also able to cope with the most delicate of operations with the ability to drive a pin into a toothpick without damage.


Senco FinishPro 11 Pin Nailer Review







The pneumatic pinner is designed to make light work of the most laborious of tasks and thanks to the super lightweight aluminium housing, and adjustable rear exhaust working with the Senco FinishPro 11 takes the strain out of the tasks, reducing fatigue, while ensuring a professional finish.

The pinner is designed for use by both the professional tradesman/woman or the DIY’er, tough enough to face any challenge, yet designed for ease of use and thanks to its lightweight styling working with the Senco FinishPro 11 for prolonged periods of time is less tiring than many of its heavier more cumbersome competitors.


Features of the Senco FinishPro 11 23-Gauge Micro Pinner

  • Nailer type: Pneumatic
  • Operating pressure: 70 to 90 PSI
  • Light weight
  • Aluminum housing
  • Adjustable rear exhaust
  • Hardened alloy steel driver
  • Metal magazine
  • Safety trigger lock
  • Bumper guard
  • No mar tip
  • Low-load indicator
  • Delivers 1 to 2 inch 23 gauge headless pins
  • Belt hook
  • One-year warranty.
  • The pinner comes complete with a carry case, fittings, tool oil and repair tools.
  • Size 9 x 9.6 inches
  • Weight 2.9 lbs.

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Senco FinishPro 11 Review

The Senco FinishPro 11 Pin Nailer is ideal for both the professional and the crafter or DIY’er. The pinner is able to cope with delicate work such as picture framing and tough enough to tackle renovation projects including, cabinetry, decorative trim, or furniture, which makes the Senco FinishPro 11 a very versatile tool.

The pinner delivers 1 to 2 inch 23 gauge headless pins, which are ideal for more delicate work, the pinner is not suitable for heavier duty projects, the headless pins are designed for use with soft woods such as pine and are ideally suited to working with decorative trims, picture framing etc.

For those who enjoy craftwork the Senco FinishPro 11 micro pinner could be the ideal choice, it can be very difficult finding a pinner able to cope with some of the more delicate jobs, often associated with craft work, but the FinishPro 11, has the ability to care for the more delicate pieces of work.

With vibration reduction thanks to the stretch comfort grip you can use the pinner for longer without wrist fatigue. Ideal for all types of work around the house or on the construction or remodeling site, the compact design makes it the best choice for tight spaces and for those working up ladders or on scaffolding.

The 360 degree adjustable exhaust helps keep the working area clean and free from dust and debris. With a hardened alloy steel driver and metal magazine the Senco FinishPro 11 23-Gauge Micro Pinner is built to be durable and robust and ideal for both use in both the professional and DIY setting.

The safety trigger lock is designed to prevent accidental firing of the pinner, while the composite bumper guard is designed to prevent damage to the work or surrounding area and the no-mar pad protects the work area from damage when the gun fires.

The handy low load indicator helps prevent ‘dry fires’ which can damage the work area and cause wear on the nail gun, the easy open hatch makes re-filling the nailer quick and easy, while the reversible belt hook makes use safe for both left and right handed users, which is very important from a safety stance, allowing for safer use on ladders and scaffolding, where on occasion singled handed use may be necessary.

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Final Thoughts About The Senco FinishPro 11 23-Gauge Micro Pinner

Senco has over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture and design of nails guns, fasteners etc., their experience and expertise is renowned throughout the industry and the Senco FinishPro 11 23-Gauge Micro Pinner is no exception, designed to cope with whatever the worksite can throw at it, this pinner offers excellent value for money at a very reasonable price.

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