Senco FinishPro2N1 Review

Senco FinishPro2N1 review introduction. The Senco FinishPro2N1 18-Gauge Brad Nailer/Stapler, has be designed and engineered with the professional and DIY’er or hobbyist in mind.

The light weight build of the nailer makes it ideal for many situations and its robust construction gives it the stamina to provide the power and durability expected from a Senco power tool. The pneumatic brad/staple gun features a rear exhaust, and shoots a range of staples and brads, which makes the Senco FinishPro2N1 a very useful and versatile tool for many tasks including, framing, trimming, picture and mirror framing, upholstery and craft work.

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Features of the Senco FinishPro2N1

  • Pneumatic
  • Sequential firing
  • Light weight
  • Magazine capacity 110
  • Rear exhaust
  • No mar tip
  • Safety grip handle
  • Safety lock out
  • 5/8 to 1 ¼ inch brad nails and ½ inch up to 1″ staples
  • 1 year warranty
  • The Senco brad nailer/stapler comes complete with carry case, oil and fitting.
  • Size: 14.5 x 13.1 x 4.3 inches (approx.)
  • Weight 2.75 lbs.

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Senco FinishPro2N1 Review

The Senco FinishPro2N1 18-Gauge Brad Nailer/Stapler is the ideal choice for both the professional and the crafter or DIY’er, and the variety of brads and staples which the nail gun can accommodate makes the tool the first choice for a number of different jobs and projects. The Senco FinishPro2N1 is able to cope with the most delicate of tasks, but also has the ability to punch above its weight, thanks to its capability of accommodating brads and staples of various sizes up to 1 ¼ inch brads.

The rear exhaust of the nail gun helps keep the work area free from dust and debris, which can spoil the finish of the project. Ergonomically designed and light weigh the Senco FinishPro2N1is designed for comfort during use, meaning the nail gun can be operated all day without muscle ache or fatigue.

The no mar tip helps to prevent marring during use, which can spoil the finish of the project, while the non-slip grip of the handle is an added safety feature to prevent the nailer from slipping when in use. The built in safety lock out on the nailer is designed to prevent the nailer from being fired accidently.

Working with the Senco FinishPro2N1is comfortable and easy thanks to the many user friendly features and styling of the nail gun, which makes for day long use without fatigue or muscle ache and the assurance, thanks to the designing and construction, the nailer will continue to perform hour after hour without hesitation.

Senco have built up an excellent reputation with the professional and amateur craftsmen and women over the years, thanks to their reliability and the user friendly features, which assists the craftsman or woman to produce excellent finished projects time after time.

The sequential firing makes short work of the biggest of jobs and the wide selection of nails and brads which the nailer can accommodate makes the Senco FinishPro2N1, the ideal choice for many projects including, craft work, upholstery, picture and mirror framing, molding and trim work. This nail gun makes the ideal choice for tasks around the home, office or on the worksite where a more delicate touch may be called for.

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Final Thoughts about the Senco FinishPro2N1

The superior build quality of the Senco FinishPro2N1 adds to the confidence the user has purchased the very best nailer, which is capable of fulfilling all their needs in order to complete the project to the highest standard, with little risk of marring or spoiling the work, due to power tool error.

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