Senco FN65DA F-15 Fusion Finish Nailer Review

Senco FN65DA review introduction. The Senco FN65DA F-15 15 GA Fusion Finish Nailer provides all the power without the added restrictions of air hoses or cables, thanks to the Li-ion battery. This 15 gauge finish nail gun has a robust aluminum drive cylinder and the added benefit of a patented reflex shot.

With LED nose lighting the Senco FN65DA is ideal for use in areas where there is restricted light, such as in a cupboard or closet. The Senco FN65DA F-15 has been constructed to cope with the demands of the professional arena and provide all the kick and punch needed to satisfy the day to day demands and challengers put on the nailer by the professional.

Senco FN65DA ReviewFeatures of the Senco FN65DA

  • Nailer use: Finisher
  • Nailer type: Fusion
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery charger
  • Thumbwheel depth of drive adjustment
  • Robust aluminum drive cylinder
  • Nose mounted LED lamp
  • Patented reflex shot technology
  • Carry case
  • Cordless
  • Size 3 x 13 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight 6.1 lbs.
  • The senco fn65da fusion finish nailer comes complete with a carry case and instructions for use.

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Senco FN65DA Review

The Senco FN65DA Fusion Finish Nailer is heavier than some nail guns on the market, but the performance and staying power of this nailer really makes up for the added weight.

Being a cordless tool makes it ideal for use in tighter corners with no cables or air hoses to get in the way. No need to worry about an electricity supply or compressor making the Senco FN65DA F-15 the ideal choice for remote locations or tight spaces. When climbing ladders and or working at heights a cordless nail gun is the safest option, as it reduces the danger of falling due to managing air hoses and cables.

The patented Reflex Shot technology incorporated into the nail gun ensures an instant shot each time the trigger is pressed with no delay caused by ‘ramp up’ time, which can result in frustration when the gun isn’t able to work as quickly as you would prefer. The heart of the technology is an internal pressurized cartridge, which the manufacturers estimate should last for 200,000 shots and with replacement cartridges available. There are no gas cylinders to buy and no need for a compressor, which adds to the affordability of its running costs.

The simple tool free depth selector is set by a very easy to use thumbwheel. No fiddling or wasting time searching for the right tool to adjust the drive depth. A simple flick of the thumb and the drive depth is set.

The LED light set on the nose of the nail gun assists with the overall performance, the illumination adds to the versatility and practicality of the FN65DA F-15, assisting with the correct placement of the nails. While the safety lock out ensures safety in operation, protecting against the danger of the nail gun being fired accidentally, which can be very dangerous and cause serious injury.

The comments regarding the length of battery life does vary somewhat, while many are very impressed with the staying power of the battery during use, a few have passed comment that they would have liked more time from the battery, although with the purchase of a spare battery, that problem has been easily resolved. It should be kept in mind that different temperature conditions do have an effect on any battery’s running power and or time.

Some consumers say they were rather disappointed by the quality of the carry case, while others felt the quality of the nail gun more than made up for the short falls of the case, as one reviewer put it, I would rather see the money in the quality and performance of the nailgun, then the quality of the storage case.

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Final Thoughts about the Senco FN65DA

Professionals have found the Senco FN65DA F-15 Nailer, the ideal nail gun for many of the situations they find themselves coping with including casing doors and windows, trimming, base boards and paneling, this nailer is certainly up to the challenges the professionals can throw at it. And the senco fn65da price is extremely reasonable!



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